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  • MUDr. Viktorie Malá, general dentist, staff manager

Our philosophy

We as a team of dentists believe in an ongoing education by regularly attending seminars and courses, where we learn of the latest trends in the sphere of dental care, and where the latest materials, working procedures and developments in the field of periodontology and implantology are presented.

MUDr. Viktorie Crhová

We affirm that we work for our patients and that we use very human and personal approach, ensuring that they will be at all times treated with dignity, understanding and respect. We are well aware that dental treatment can be a stressful matter for a patient, and perform all procedures under locally injected anaesthesia to prevent pain and to minimise any negative perception of the whole treatment.

We also take the liberty to mention that the laboratory, which forms part of our clinic, is managed by a senior laboratory technician with six year experience in an Austrian dental laboratory. He passes the experience and knowledge gained there to the employees working under him.

In the area of the ceramic fixed replacements (crowns, bridges) we prefer metal-less ceramics of the latest generation, of which strength fully matches the strength of the metal alloy product. The colour is close to the colour of the tooth enamel and, thanks to that is of a higher aesthetic standard. Unlike some of the metal alloys used, it is highly biocompatible (does not cause any allergy reactions in the organism).

A matter of fact is a guarantee on all prosthetic work and products. Only materials of world class quality, mainly sourced from Germany and Switzerland are used in our clinic, and comply fully with the current European standards. Implants made by the Straumann Company belong to the highest quality implants available on the market.

The personnel speak fluent German and English.

Our team is committed to exceed every patient’s expectations by providing unparalleled service, paying attention to detail, and demonstrating a passion for excellence.

For a lifetime experience and for the sake of your dental health, come and visit our clinic in person. It will be our pleasure to welcome you personally to ensure your satisfaction throughout your stay with us!

MUDr. Viktorie Malá
General dentist
staff manager